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Nalu Tee:

Made from 100% recycled cotton 

Insted of creating more environmental pollution and textile waste,

Which’s damage our planet,

We take the waste and recycling it into new items.

All supplying chain steps while producing this Tee, is cretified by GOTS standard.

Global Organic Textile Standard  


This is the greener way of producing.



Recycled Mermaid Tee

₪149.90 Regular Price
₪99.90Sale Price
  • משלוחים בישראל: דואר רשום 20 ₪ או חינם בקניה מעל 400 ₪, תוך 7 ימי עסקים. 
    איסוף עצמי מחופית: חינם!

  • Size Eu


    S 40 75cm-77.5cm 91.5cm-96.5cm
    M 42 80cm-82.5cm 96.5cm-101.5cm
    L 44 85cm-87.5cm 101.5cm-106.5cm
    XL 46 90cm-92.5cm 106.5cm-111.5cm


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