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רכב ואן ישן בצבע כחול, בסגנון לייף סטייל של ים וגלישת גלים. על רקע צמחייה טרופית

We are a fashion brand, inspired by the sea, combining extreme lifestyle, sports, and boundaries breaking. We design and produce beachwear, accessories, and everyday wear, made of Eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Our swimwear is made of ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber from waste that would otherwise pollute the earth, such as fishing nets, carpet flooring and industrial plastic.

We believe in fair trade, recycled materials, and sustainable fashion. Keeping the environment clean and safe for us all. We emphasize the use of recycled, Eco-friendly materials, combined with creativity, the freedom to choose, going with our passion for fashion, along with our love to the ocean.


We prioritize the use of GOTS certified suppliers (Global Organic Textile Standard), which is an organization that focuses on ecology and social responsibility. This is a standard that stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain, for both ecological and labor conditions in textile and apparel manufacturing. All fabrics that are GOTS certified are organic, recycled, or of any sustainable non-toxic materials, being processed with least possible environmental impact, and respect for labor conditions.

תהליך מחזור הפלסטיקים לבגדי הים שלנו

For Nalu it's about making a change. It's about passion and opportunities. 
It's about creative freedom. It's about choices we make in a lifetime journey.

It's about the courage to choose differently, to push your own boundaries. It's about inspiring others.

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